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This week I Stepped into my thousandth server room as systems engineer in New York City. With this comes Trust. There are many ethical concerns with working with clients data as administrator, and I can say I have protected data in the billlions $$$. I have been excited to have had the opportunity to see the many changing facets of technology through the decades. - Raymond Loeffler, 1/ 07

Technical Resumes

Ray Loeffler



Ray Loeffler

New York Metro- Senior Infrastrucure Engineer

Raymond Loeffler Knows Services in Internet Development Projects driven from backend Databases such as ODBC and user driven codes. Most work is sub contracted out, but our management services keep costs down.

A Portal of NY Phone, (nyphone.com) Specializes in Telephone Switching technology and newly innovated IP Telephone Solutions Ranging from Small to Medium Sized Business.

DYNPHONE (dynphone.com) Specializes in Telephone Number Index utilizing DNS Standards and Lookup.

Support in Industries leading small business applications/ specialties include data validation & initial setups.

Intellectual Property - Music Licensing
Five years supporting custom licensing systems; innitial setups and song request.

Providing various services in Database Integration, Diagnostics, and Optimization

Network Infrastructure | Development |Citrix Presentation Server Licensing Installation | Thin Print Gateway | Environment Tracking Software (also Citrix) | Watch guard Backup / IOS Upgrades | NYSBA – New York State Bar Associations Lexis Nexis Hotdocs Surrogate Forms | ZANE Financial Fiduciary Accounting | GroupMail 5.0

Outsourced Solutions
Interoperability of Telephony, Security Enhancements, Digital Office, and various other solutions

Video Conferencing
Formal Relationships have been fostered on Video Conference Playing Field. With Experience in Policom Equipment, Raymond Loeffler has had exposure to changing technologies from ISDN to IP solutions.

Warehousing & Wireless Configurations
Strong Understanding of Warehouse Packing & Tracking Requirements..

Fiber Tapping
Tapping Fiber is a term used to Terminate the Ends of Fiber Optic Cable. A Silicone Polish is then used to make the light emissions very clearly understood. Unlike Copper, the annuation over length does not degregate, but will either work or not work.

Internet Manufacters Retail Price - IMSRP.COM (IMSRP)
Search Engines Keywords (Adwords) Adds to Costs on the Interent. This cuts into Margins for Business in Retail Setups, and now Manufactures are installing Minimum Accepted Price (MAP) to UPC Inventoried Products.

Raymond Loeffler's approach provides individualized infrastructure management for each environment. We meet with our clients to gain an in-depth understanding of the specific goals and requirements for any project. We research and make available the appropriate products, purchase guidelines, Communication is key - we meet with our clients on a regular basis to ensure that the goals for each client have not changed and introduce new market trends which could effect positive returns to higher net income.

Business Focus: Operations & Maintenance, Service Provider, Telecom
Geographic Market: United States
Hardware Specialities: Data General, Hewlett-Packard
Operating System Specialities: DOS/Windows 3.x, Netware 3.x, Netware 4.x, Windows 2000, Windows NT/95, Windows Server 2003, Windows XP, X-Windows
Software Specialities: Database, Document Management, E-Mail/Internet, Electronic Data Interchange (EDI), Firewall, Help Desk, Imaging, Information Servers, Multimedia, Network Management/Security
Network Protocol Specialities: ATM, FDDI, IPX/SPX, PPTP, TCP/IP
Network Hardware Specialities: Bridges (Local or Remote), Cabling Products/Connectors, Cellular & Mobile Equipement, CSU/DSU, Gateways, Hubs, LAN Switches, Network Interface Cards, Packet Switching Equipement, PBXs, Voice Mail/Response, Wireless Services
Language Specialities:
Computer Systems Specialities: Laptops, Notebooks, Subnotebooks, Minicomputers (PCs, Macintosh)
Peripheral Specialities: Backup Software, Other Storage Devices, RAID, Tape Back-up Devices, Wireless Modems
Server Specialities: Database Servers, FAX Servers, File/Print Servers



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Raymond Loeffler's Purpose: To build maintain trustful business relationships while converging on clients growth and development...

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